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Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Best Beaches in Costa Rica – Unleash Your Inner Beach Bum!

For some of us, Summers are invariably related to beaches, and rightfully so. The serene and clear waters and the sparkly sand fill many of us with instant happy memories. From watching nature in its full bloom to enjoying exciting sports and yummy seafood, the beaches have something different to offer to everyone. And anyone who’s a fan of nature and up for witnessing some of the most exquisite beaches in America, should take a look at the Costa Rican Beaches! So, if you are a beach person and all-in for a wild adventure, here are our top 13 recommendations for you to choose from. However, you should keep yourself updated with Costa Rica’s covid 19 travel guidelines before you set on this beachy quest!

Playa Tortuguero

Playa Tortuguero

Contending for the title of the remotest destinations in Costa Rica, Tortuguero is a town situated north of Limon City, along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The green sea turtles which come here every year between mid-July to mid-October are the major attraction of the town and one of the reasons behind its popularity. However, other than the turtles,  the beach also houses a wide variety of unique animal species including Manatees, Jaguars, sloths, crocodiles, etc. And if you want to spot the even rarer, leatherback turtle, then make sure to visit during the February to April period. And since the beach is part of a national park and is only accessible via a boat or a plane, you need to book a guide for easy accessibility and entrance beyond 6p.m in the evening. However, tourists should beware of the common Costa Rica scams and thoroughly check the guide they’ll be hiring.

Samara Beach

Around two hours from the Liberia airport, the Samara Beach is located in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province and is a treat to the eyes. With the classic beach town vibes, enchanting blue waters, and luxurious air surrounding the beach, it has rightfully been known as one of the most beautiful beaches adorning Costa Rica. One of the safest beaches too, you can enjoy a lovely time with your family here, either laying around, basking in the sun or having fun with various water sports activities. And when you feel that you have had enough of Samara’s beachy goodness, you can head over to the main samara town and enjoy a shopping spree going through the numerous boutiques, restaurants, and shopping spots in your free time. 

 Playa Negra

Located south of Tamarindo, Playa Negra is a beach nestled in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The beach is popularly known as a surfer’s paradise, owing to the name of its top-notch waves and breaks. The beach is also renowned for being the shooting location of the cult classic, ‘Endless Summer II’. However, this isn’t all, the beach also offers a spectrum of famous cafes, local restaurants, and a variety of stay options from luxurious to budget. Its laid-back vibe and the calming atmosphere serves as the perfect escape cum holiday destination for tourists and the natives. And when you’ve had enough of the beach you can opt for some La Leona waterfall tours and visit this scenic waterfall in Tamarindo.

Playa Chiquita

Playa Chiquita

With a huge stretch of the tropical rainforest separating it from the main road, the playa Chiquita is another secluded beach great for romantic vacations. Located along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the beach with its clear blue currents and sparkling white sand offers the visitors enough adventures and natural sceneries to forget about all their worries and enjoy themselves to the fullest. From snorkelling to horseback riding, the beach has got a little something for everyone. However, there’s one little warning that people with a relatively conservative mindset should not forget. It is that people here are usually found sunbathing without clothes, which some of you may not approve of. This is one of the few not-so-family-friendly beaches for this very reason!

Playa Salsa Brava

Another wonderful and popularly known surfing location in Costa Rica is the Playa Salsa Brava. Adorning the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the Playa Salsa Brava attracts people from around the world specifically for two reasons, a) their excellent surfing conditions and b) the dumbfounding sunsets. Situated near the beach town of Puerto Viejo, the tourists visiting this beach can choose to deviate from their beachy accomplishments and enjoy the numerous amenities offered in Puerto Viejo including cool bars, restaurants, and more. With a special emphasis on the sun sets and rises, this beach makes for a wonderful camping location too.

Playa Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a popular town in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Located on the pacific coast this town is renowned for its amazing surfing beaches, one of which is the beautiful Playa Tamarindo. Part of the Las Baulas National Park, this beach town is a perfect blend of a lively atmosphere and lush greens. From surfers to animal lovers and adventure enthusiasts to lazy lads, everyone can find some type of solace on this beach. With its natural flora and fauna, and several interesting bars and restaurants, playa tamarindo can not be interesting. It has also been awarded Costa Rica’s Blue Flag for its eco-friendliness. For nature lovers, the La Leona waterfall is another wonderful location not too far from tamarindo. If you need any information on how to get to La Leona Waterfall from Tamarindo, you can surf through our article for the same!

Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach

Situated on the central coast of Costa Rica between Puntarenas in the south and Manuel Antonio up north, the Jaco beach is as energetic and enchanting as the town it is in. Blessed with a radiant sandy landscape, energizing forests, and captivating palm trees, the Jaco beach is one of the liveliest and most renowned beaches in Costa Rica. With some of the most happening and delicious food outlets and amazingly dynamic waves, it is an absolute favorite among both tourists and surfers. Not to forget the beach is known for hosting some of the craziest beach parties that will turn your night into a blast! Known as a traveler’s delight, Jaco surely lives up to its reputation when it comes to providing a fun time for the visitors.

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is another great beach in Costa Rica that deserves to be a part of your itinerary. Highly rated among the topmost beautiful beaches in South America, playa flamingo is as sophisticated and enchanting as a beach can get. Its moon-like crescentic shape, glittery white sand, and clear waters are enough to leave people awestruck. Housing the world’s broadest Marina, Playa Flamingo is a tourist’s favorite and is loved by peace seekers who want to escape the constant hustle of city life. Take a stroll on the shore or lay down and watch the sunset as the waves pass by and merge back into the ocean.

Del Coco Beach

Del Coco Beach

One of the oldest and the fastest growing tourist destinations in Costa Rica, Playa Del Coco is loved by locals and tourists alike. Located in the Guanacaste province, the beach is one of the most iconic and famous beaches in Costa Rica. The beach is family-friendly and has a pleasant climate and cool and serene waters making it an ideal holiday location. This is one of the crowded lots as it attracts tourists from around the world. So, if you’re someone who wants to enjoy some calm time alone, then this beach is not for you. Bustling with the crowd, it is ideal for a celebratory night with some of the most happening parties and yummy food for everyone to enjoy. The beach also has a variety of casinos, hotels, shopping avenues, and apartments available for tourists.

Playa Conchal

Another exotic name among the Costa Rican beaches is that of Playa Conchal. Situated on the pacific coast, the beach enjoys around 10 hours of sunlight per day from December to April and is considered a dream location for sunbathing and enjoying the real summer vibe. The beach’s shores are scattered with the remains of uncountable conch shells which give the beach its present name. If you want to enjoy the real essence of Costa Rican culture, then this beach is a must-visit!  Though there is no scope for surfing, you can enjoy a nice swim or go snorkeling here.

Playa Montezuma

Playa Montezuma

The most well-known part of the town of Montezuma is the long stretch of sandy white beach, Playa Montezuma. Located in the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, the beach presents a wonderful hiking trail through a jungle connecting it to another wonderful surfing beach called Playa Grande. The beach flaunts a picturesque view with a pleasing bohemian setting which combined with its remote and secluded location, provides an excellent escape from busy city life. The beach is best adored by trek lovers, youngsters, backpackers, and couples looking for a romantic escape from their daily life. Several pretty wooden houses, charming restaurants, and hotels are scattered around the beach which contribute in one way or the other to enhancing your overall experience at the beach!

Playa Mal País

Known by the locals as one of the Santa Teresa and Carmen group of beaches, Playa Mal País is a beach that you have to visit if you ever find yourself in Puntarenas. It is a perfect blend of fun activities, a playful atmosphere, mesmerising waves, and beautiful landscapes, all of which combined make it one of the most famous beaches in Puntarenas. Most of the playfulness of the beach is owed to a range of interesting bars, hotels, and restaurants adorning it. You are free to enjoy the delicious local cuisines, and exquisite cocktails as you enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the beach. Numerous water sports activities are also available for the tourists to enjoy. Some of the main ones include surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, etc out of which surfing takes the crown for being the most happening one here thanks to the eye-catching landscape and enormous waves!

Playa Uvita

Playa Uvita

Flaunting its natural estuaries and mangrove swamps, Playa Uvita blesses the tourists with a picturesque landscape and a variety of activities to enjoy their time in this secluded wilderness of Costa Rica. Be it exciting water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, etc, or taking a horseback ride or long walks on the beach, you are free to enjoy your time any way you want. The beach also offers ideal conditions for a nice, relaxing swim. However, since the beach is a part of a national park, namely the Marino Ballena National Park, people are strictly prohibited from indulging in hunting or fishing activities. Surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains, and islands, the beach not just offers a pleasing view for the eyes but also is a great place to go on hikes or island tours!


This is the end of our long list of beaches that you must visit. Every beach in Costa Rica has some factor or another that makes it unique and different from the rest. With many famous options and many secluded ones, you can pick the ones that resonate with your interests the most! Also if you’re traveling to Costa Rica for the first time, then we suggest you go through some of our articles regarding the various scams, tourist destinations, gas stations in Costa Rica, and more. These will not only help you make the most out of your trip but also have you a lot of hassle of traveling to a whole new country!