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Adventure at La Leona Waterfall – Tour Costa Rica 2024

Leona Waterfall

La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike

One of Costa Rica’s hidden gems is The La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike. Exploring La Leona Waterfall in Costa Rica, is a requirement if you truly want to see everything that Costa Rica has to offer. La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike is guaranteed to be a memorable experience full of scenic landscapes and adrenaline-pumping activities. 

La Leona Waterfall And Tubing

Many visitor take the journey to La Leona Waterfall but while you are here you can’t forget to check out the river tubing. During the tubing tour you will go bouncing down the Colorado River with expert guides assisting you the entire way. This is a great combination of serenity on the La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike and adrenaline while going on the White Water River Tubing Adventure.

How Challenging Is The La Leona Waterfall Hike?

Are you all set to take on the challenge of the La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike

Please note that the La Leona Waterfall Cost Rica Hike is of moderate difficulty and is not advised for those with ankle, knee or mobility concerns. Additionally, due to the nature of the terrain and activities involved, it is not suitable for children under the age of 4 years old

During this hike you will walk across a diverse terrain, swim through rivers , climb up ladders, over rocks and more. While on the La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike, a seasoned tour guide will be by your side at all times, offering invaluable assistance and ensuring your safety along the way.  

But fear not; the spectacular views and authoritative cascades of the La Leona Waterfall make it all worth it. So, if you’re up for an adrenaline-pumping expedition sign up for this tour today!

Planning Your Hike

Before setting off on your adventure hike to La Leona Waterfall, it’s necessary to plan accurately to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. 

What to Bring: 

– – Shoes with good grip; they must be closed toed or sandals with straps (no flip flops are allowed)

– Fitted clothes or a bathing suit under your clothes (The current can be strong in some areas and this helps ensure your clothes stay in place). 

– Extra clothes to change into 

– Extra Shoes to change into 
– A towel 
– A small bottle of water

– Sunscreen 

– Bug spray

What is Provided: 

– Dry bag: we suggest that all you bring on the tour is you phone for photos and a water bottle, these can be stored in the provided dry bag to keep them safe during the swimming sections. 

– Changing rooms, showers and bathrooms 

– Life jackets: regardless of your swimming ability, life jackets are required for everyone attending the tour. 

– Lockers: These lockers can store small bags and small items while you are on the tour. Any large luggage will need to be stored in your car. 

– Tour guide: As a part of your tour, you will be assigned a tour guide to assist you for the duration of your tour. 

Adventure Activities

1. Tubing Excursion

Embark on an exciting tubing expedition down the refreshing blue river The Colorado River right next door to the La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike. You will be guided through numerous rapids by expert tour guides the entire way.  

2. Zip Lining Tour 

If you want to add onto you action packed day, zip lining is a must do tour. You will go flying over the cannons in Costa Rica. Crossing over rivers and above trees. This gives you a one of a kind view of Costa Rica.

3. Hot Springs and Mud Bath Experience

After a day of exploration, relax in the therapeutic hot springs of Curubandé is a must add to your tour. You will swim in the natural mineral-rich waters, and coat yourself in volcanic mud which provides endless benefits .

La Leona Waterfall

Self Drive

Transportation Included

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