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La Leona Waterfall  Liberia.

How to get to La Leona Waterfall from Liberia Guanacaste in Costa Ricala leona waterfall liberia

La Leona Waterfall Liberia, Guanacaste.

Guancaste is the province number 5 in the country of Costa Rica and Liberia is considered one of the main cities in the province of Guancaste. La Leona Waterfall is located 20min away from Liberia downtown and 30min away from the Liberia Guanacaste international airport (LIR).

Map La Leona Waterfall Liberia

How to get from Liberia to La Leona Waterfall?

To be honest there aren’t many options to get from Liberia to La Leona Waterfall, it’s either: You drive with your own car, arrange transportation with us directly or take the bus (the bus has only 2 schedules and that’s why it is not very reliable to depend on it) here are your options:

By bus:

La Leona Waterfall is located in the small town of “Curubandé”, 20min outside of Liberia downtown. The Comapany that provides this bus service is called “TRANSBASA”

The bus leaves from the “Terminal de Buses Municipal de Liberia”  

La Leona Waterfall Liberia

Now, the issue with the bus is that there are only two schedules: bus schedule la leona waterfall liberia

*Sale Liberia (Leaves Liberia)

*Sale Curubandé (Leaves Curubandé)

The times marked in red color means that the schedule only applies on week days, meaning that those times won’t be available on the weekends

As you see, the issue with the bus schedule is that it doesn’t give you many options to choose and you would have to either take the bus and wait in Curubandé but on the way back you might have to pay for a taxi in order to get back to Liberia because the last bus leaves from Curubandé to Liberia at 1:15pm.

By Taxi (Private Transportation)

Depending on how many people you have in your party you can choose to arrange a private car to do this service for you. Here with us we are able to send you a quote for round trip transportation from Liberia to La Leona Waterfall and back to Liberia.

Just to give you an idea, if you have from 1 to 4 people in your party a private sedan car cost $25 round trip from downtown Liberia to La Leona Waterfall, if you have more people in your party then we would need to get you a van to provide transportation you can request a quote in the following link: Get A Quote with us

Using the link above you can request a quote for transportation directly with us.

transportation la leona waterfall transportation la leona waterfall

The Road

The road to get to the parking lot of La Leona Waterfall is perfectly paved and in good condition. You have to take the road heading towards Rincon de la Vieja National Park. You can find our exact location on Google Maps as: La Leona Waterfall Official – Catarata La Leona.  Now when looking for our location make sure it is the one with over 200 hundred reviews on Google Maps. There are many locations on Google Maps to get to La Leona Waterfall… here is what happens, many people in the town have created locations to their parking with the name of the waterfall, some of them do tours ilegally, meaning they are not insured and use unauthorized trails to do the tour. When booking a tour make sure you book with the best and that’s us… We guarantee you this and we have a lot of reviews from previous customers to back it up.

Our Reviews

As I mentioned it before, we have a lot of reviews and you should take the time to read them yourself, these are real stories from real families who have had a blast with our staff and our company La Leona Waterfall Adventure Tour.

What are you waiting for to do this tour? We guarantee you it will be one of the highlights of your trip in Costa Rica.

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