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La Leona Waterfall Costa Rica
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About Us

La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike, also known as Catarata La Leona, is a thrilling excursion operator and tourist attraction located in the picturesque region of Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica. We offer guided adventure hikes to the stunning La Leona Waterfall, which is a hidden gem surrounded by lush rainforests and diverse wildlife. With experienced guides, visitors get the chance to explore the breathtaking landscape, swim in the crystalline waters, and indulge in the natural beauty of Costa Rica, making it a must-visit experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. We also offer combo tours including river tubing and zip lining.

We are the highest rated tour company in all of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano area (and probably in all of Costa Rica)

Hiking in the the forest

We will start our hike in the forest and next to the Blanco River that comes from Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. In the end, La Leona Waterfall will be waiting for us.

la leona waterfall costa rica
la leona waterfall adventure hike

The Canyon to Paradise

This is the canyon we go through with the rope. Inside this canyon is where we get to find La Leona Waterfall.

Incredible Rock Formations

Along the way, we will go through caves, incredible rock formations, and smaller waterfalls before we get to see La Leona Waterfall.

Catarata la leona
la leona waterfall costa rica

The Highlight of your trip in Costa Rica

We guarantee you this tour will be one of the highlights of your trip in Costa Rica. If you read our reviews you will know from other customers that for them it has been.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though there are some swimming sections on the tour, swimming is not required in order to attend. All guests are required to wear a life jacket regardless of your swimming ability and we will provide you with a life jacket. This is not because we do not trust your swimming ability, it is to ensure your safety in case of an unexpected event. With the assistance of your life jacket and the tour guides, this hike is accessible for all guests regardless of their swimming ability. 

  • The La Leona Waterfall hike is 3 hours long total. This is the average time round trip, from start to finish.
  • Distance: 2km each way (1.5 miles each way)

No you don’t need one. Our location will take you to our check in meeting point and the road is in perfect condition all the way there. After that yes, we have to go on a dirt road, but we have a four wheel drive vehicle to take you from there if you don’t have one

Yes,  you have to make a reservation. We recommend you let us know in advance you’re coming. If you show up to our location and we don’t have guides available you will have to wait between 2hrs up to 4hrs. If you reserve it, you start exactly at the time you reserved the tour.

Yes, those types of sandals with straps are okay to wear. Just do not wear flip flops. Flips flops are not allowed during the hike, only closed toe shoes, sandals with straps or water shoes with a thick sole.

Yes, but you have to request a private tour. Kids in that age range have a slower pace and require extra attention from the guides, so that’s why they can not go with the open tours. This tour is not suited for kids younger than 4 years old.

Yes you do. This waterfall is only accessible by hiring a guide. The waterfall is not easy to get to or to find. Along the way you have to go across rivers, caves and even swim in the water in order to find La Leona Waterfall. You’ll always have at least one or more guides with you at all times during the hike.

The cost of La Leona Waterfall starts at $30 for a regular group tour and $45 for a private tour per person. This is self drive, but we also offer options with transportation included.